Why Diversity? 

Lecturing about why all organizations has to work with diversity and gender equality. He shows you how mixed groups has an impact on the revenue. 

Varför mångfald? 
Föreläsning om varför alla organisationer ska jobba med frågan och hur man ser en tydlig koppling mellan mixade grupper och ökad lönsamhet. 

10 Steps to Success

After working with this topic for 15 years, Lars Einar has developed a 10 step plan all organisations could work after to succeed with their diversity and gender equality work. 

10 steg till framgång

Efter att ha arbetat med jämställdhetsfrågan i 15 år har Lars Einar utvecklat en 10-stegs plan alla organisationer kan arbeta efter för att nå framgång i sitt mångfald och jämställdhetsarbete.  

About Lars Einar Engstrom

Lars Einar has written five books, three of which have been translated into English; Confessions of a SexistYour Career in Your Hands and Thoughts of a sexist. The books deal with topics such as, diversity, equal opportunities, career and leadership in organizations.

Lars has lectured in a number of European countries and in Russia, Australia and the United States on topics including equal opportunities, gender and leadership, as well as organization development. Both at universities such as Yale University (USA), Australian National University and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). 

Prior to becoming a consultant, Lars specialized in organization development as a director at the Bonnier Group (media), Apple Computer and Pharmacia (pharmaceutical company). He has also taught at Uppsala University, Sweden, in organizational development.